Interview with Jeanie Crane Cian '72

Jeanie Crane CianWhat is your career?
I am a Project Coordinator for First American Title Insurance Company.

What was your favorite class while at McGehee?
I always appreciated the emphasis on reading and writing in McGehee's English classes, where we were taught to speak and write in a clear and organized manner. I was not an athlete so it may seem strange to say that PE was one of my favorite classes. Through class activities and sports, I learned the value of teamwork and camaraderie, which have served me well in all aspects of my life. Across the board our teachers exemplified the importance of being self-motivated with a strong work ethic.

What other aspects of McGehee do you remember fondly?
McGehee's student government and honor code truly provided the foundation for our future. We learned to strive for excellence while maintaining the highest level of integrity. As McGehee girls we were taught to "pay it forward" before that phrase became popular.

Our beloved traditions provided some of our most memorable experience. May Day, Nativity, banner patches, Founder's Day, and pink dresses are just a few. We always had a sense of fun, laughing out way through the years!

Why did you decide to include McGehee in your estate plans?
Including McGehee's in my estate plans was easy. I want every student to have the same opportunity for an incredible education like my three daughters and I had at McGehee's. I know that any bequest will be appreciated and will continue to benefit the school that means so much to my family and me.