Interview with Margo DuBos '74

Margo DuBosWhy do you support McGehee?
I am so proud to be a graduate of McGehee. Everywhere I go I hear from girls and parents about the extraordinary faculty and the leadership under Eileen Powers. McGehee has always had a strong faculty, and my gift honors students and faculty past and present.

I credit my experience at McGehee in developing my interest in leadership. McGehee continues to educate the future leaders of New Orleans—and what could be a more important mission?

Why is it important to you that your gift comes from you alone and not from you and your spouse?
The gift is actually from both of us. Clancy, my husband, is a huge supporter of Holy Cross High School and understands how much both our schools have meant to us. He thinks McGehee is a wonderful school and only wishes we had a daughter to send there. Me too! I encourage all married women to be equal partners with their husbands in their philanthropy.

Do women give for different reasons than men?
I don't think so.

How do you ask your fellow classmates to join you in supporting McGehee?
As class representative for annual giving, I was happy to reach out to my class this year. I am proud to say that the Class of 1974 vastly improved its participation level to 98%. This was in large part due to the awareness of McGehee's success and growth.

The school needs $1,912 dollars per student each year to have a balanced budget, and it is also important not to set prohibitive tuition rates that might affect the diversity of the student body.

What does it take to make an alumna increase her gift?
If the needs of the school are clearly communicated, then I believe people will increase their gifts when asked. If alumnae are asked for gifts to support salaries that maintain a high level of teachers and coaches and to purchase property, with specific and clear facts, I think giving levels will increase.

Is gift recognition important to you?
While recognition is not necessarily important to me, it does provide me with a connection to the school and a connection to my interests. I was very excited to see my dollars go to the marketing efforts of the school and thought it fitting that my plaque is located on the door of the marketing office.

What would your advice be to other alumnae who are considering making a gift to McGehee?
I will always be a McGehee girl, and of course we are always asked where we went to high school. I can't think of a better way to insure the growth and success of my alma mater than to give my time and money to advance the school and its reputation.